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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content


FEW REALLY WANT TO KNOW-their rhetoric conveys they do-but when it is revealed they clutch at denial like a lifeline-as though they will learn the truth and fall off the cliff...

The Distraction - American Idol, I love NY, Flavor of Love, Pointless News, Sex, Music, Violence...

The Lies - WMDs, Terrorists, 911, Oil, Boogymen, National Debt...

The Poison - alumina and barium, fluoride and aspartame, MSG. Cell phones, Microwaves, Chemical products of all sorts...
Vaccine shots, Modified food...

The Betrayal - WW1, WW2, 911, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City bombing, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran,

Lincoln - Another president that wanted to help mankind - killed by the illumnati

James A. Garfield - Both presidents
William McKinley - neither one would join the illumnati both were killed

JFK told a secret by MJ - 12 swore to tell USA shot before he had a chance

RFK told a Secret by his brother, Killed CIA

The whole JFK family, Knew to much to much of a risk - Killed

Marilyn Monroe told a Secret by JFK, Killed by CIA

William Cooper - Navy Intel exposed our Gov. A hero; He had the most TRUTHFUL vibe of any man I have ever, ever seen on video. He was a loving father KILLED BY CIA - gunned down in front of his house over 20 bullets to the back as he was going back inside...
He is the main reason I fight,

Philip Schneider - Gov Contractor with very interesting story, Killed - CIA

James Forrestal - United States Secretary of Defense - Knew of the Alien threat, put into a mental hospital to shut him up, Later killed by CIA thrown out a window to look like suicide.

Thomas Edwin Castello- Killed as was his family for speaking out about Dulce base underground alien agenda

Pope John Paul I - was killed by the NWO, Was going to bring "Changes" to the church, In office for only a lil over a month

Serge Monast - brought to light bluebeam, Killed him and his whole family!

Prabhupada - A man that like Jesus, taught love. He was poisoned by the illuminati.

Air Force's officer, captain Uyrangê Hollanda - he is dead not much at all on him but he came out wit ha UFO story then shortly later died from mysterious circumstances

Princess Dina - She knew things about the royal family, NWO

John Todd- Was once one of the illuminati- turned on them- was imprisoned, & then died.

Aaron Russo - Died of Natural causes, but before he did, said Rockefeller told him of whats to come.

The McPhearsons - Apparently abducted and never seen again. Made a
fake film of it later, but oddly enough the REAL copy of this film is
gone for good. You might see short clips of it on youtube. Its a very, very strange case.

Benazir Bhutto - tried to make peace in the middle east wanted to expose why the radicals were still in power and Osamas death, Killed by assassins to keep her quiet

General Patton - was killed in a Car accident supposedly the truth
is he wanted to invade Russia. but the Rothschild were the ones
that started communism and the cold war was to be a hoax to keep
the attention off the real war going on around us. They decided
Patton had to die so he was killed in a staged car accident, he wanted to give the Nazis guns and invade Russia, Would have stopped a cold war

Christopher Bollyn and his family dead after expose 911

John Lennon - killed because of his message of peace

Martin Luther king - Killed for his message of peace and love

Malcolm X - see MLK

Jesus - Killed for being the son of God and his message

The list never ends...RIP Heroes...hf

The End...not if I have anything to say about it!

[link to earthdefensefederation.org]

Paying off patients that are making "stories" up...sure all these people are just "nuts"-well, research it and prove it...Know the truth

and this stuff does tie in with the Montauk project and MKDELTA, followed MKULTRA

and all this mind control and psychic driving is for what???

In light of this and all the other facts it is evident but too many discount the truth-they prefer feeling comfy and believing the lies-




Many discounted the phones, cells and iphones ability to fry your brain-but how many of the "debunkers" tried it???

So many flap their gums with tripe-few ever check for themselves-they are waiting for the govt, their bigbother to tell them...
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