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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

Alan Dulles...research-head of CIA-fired by Kennedy after failed Bay of Pigs-later he was a lead investigator for the WARREN COMMISSION of JFK assassination-the guy JFK fires is in charge of the commission-SEE HOW IT WORKS.

Dulles Brothers(sullivan and Cromwell)

Radio Hypnotic Inter Cerebral Control(developed by Pentagon)

How emotions can be readily controlled by artificial radio signals controlled by a handler elsewhere.

Dr Jose Delgado-(cannot post everything herein)-there would be a problem. Thought RF weapons are more dangerous than atomic weapons...per Dr Delgado-he created the brain transponders...that could be used on humans to ROBOTOCIZE humans...

EDOM = Electronic Dissolution of Memory
Ability to erase memory at a distance
Announced in 1965- 1 9 6 5

Social sciences and human behavior control

C o n t r o l

119 HMMMMM the foundation for all NON LETHAL

119 Imagine that, who would of thought???

Project Pandora...EM radiation blasting our Embassy years ago...(Stassel)Microwave attack killed stassel. Settlements were given$$$$$$$$$$$$Microwave guinea pigs...

DARPA joined in studying the EM studies and electronic brain control...directed energy was being used over 50 yrs back-but all is well now dynamite

Plans to ROBOTICIZE man!!! Stated and those who have been ROBOTOCIZED may not realize they are...cybernetics

"War is a Racket" by Major General Smedley Butler..he received the Medal of Honor ...twice

Read or
Try reading "Leipzig Connection" or "The Rise of the Fourth Reich in America"

research Byron Prior and Family
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