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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

Richard Helms(Machiavellian) destroyed the MKULTRA records...not all but as many as he could-to cover the program. Using High Frequency to affect the mind, using Paper Clip scientists-wanted to use high frequency to affect memory, unconscious mind, and the mind-he also recommended using LOW frequency for warfare. Prepared report for Warren commission-suggesting using subliminals-Cybernetics,to mold a CHILD's CHARACTER-estabishing social behavior patterns...

The emphasis went from LSD experiments to biological radio communication-(per Adm Stansfield Turner, 1977)taking place at over 80 institutions, including 44 Universities,15 private companies, 12 Hospitals and 3 Prisons...this is the truth-RESEARCH...This is what they were doing to uninformed people...and many are much more informed but still in denial.
149 subprojects

MKULTRA 119 was the foundation for all NON LETHAL weapons programs currently active. Including a paper like "Techniques of Activation of the Human Organism by Remote Electronic Means" Aug 17,1960

1 9 6 0

1 9 6 0

RF(radio frequency weapons were the greatest INTEREST for them...) Dr Sidney Gottlieb...check it out with Sybil Leek
50 yrs later-WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE UP TO????20010 almost...

Where are all the debunkers??? HMMMMM is there a flu bug going around or SOMETHING?

Where oh where are all the shills-this site is notorious for early news and SHILLS? They do not want to play-with their plasma laser weapons and tasers...Their HAARP and their GWEN...

Well ShadowDancer, I think most of what you have posted is over the head of a lot of the shills. Most have no idea what Eugenics is...perhaps they think it is like "ebonics"...LOL.

They cannot comprehend the magnitude of what you are posting and are in denial.

Thank you. You have a ton of great information with many great links.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 656642

Thx hf smile_kiss
Hopefully the real shills will open their eyes and see they are being used tool they will find greater worth when they turn away from a pile of chit and do as they ought to d-not as they are indoctrinated. Many of them will be sold down the river too as soon as the masses are of no consequence.(seems not too far off) Some of them are already getting an uncomfortable feeling-unable to discount it completely it keeps re-appearing-they may still determine the truth and act differently-than clubbing people over the head and tasering -torture on a WHIM.

Additionally, I will not open my hand forever-I will move on-as I am only trying to save a few lives if possible...

You are correct and the ones who do know dare not venture herein-the dragons lair to be sure, entangled in webs bigger than any spiders I have yet to see.

Sadly, many of the people are ignorant and overwhelmed-as I am no exception but I am compelled to assist the lesser-

I can only hope many of these links or downloads will travel far and wide-we are responsible for our world regardless of what a few as*clowns have planned-Those left after each catastrophe will be responsible for building it back without the corruption...decadence has a mighty price-as one sows so shall they reap`.

Knowing this, and being so fond of truth COULD leave me short on time, time for those who do care to learn-for folks like me are getting older-I have outlived many, many friends in their 20s and 30..even others in their 40s and their 50s...and even a 7 months old grandchild murdered by a LICENSED sitter-TOO MANY HAVE A SENSE OF FALSE SECURITY-as they stare down PANDEMIC viruses-if this one fails they will have another, and another-the young need to develop some critical thinking skills and be able to figure it out before it IS too late-and that date approaches swiftly-like a HORSE. Preparations need to be made-handholding does not go on forever. I even suggest those who find me entertaining or looney-keep some of this info as it will prove out-maybe it will save a life because then the lay of the land will be quite different...a word to the wise...

Overwhelming-I understand-but it is time to stop sleeping and move...into active steps designed to PROTECT YOURSELVES

Non violence is grand-an ideal few achieve...but one can try-individual choices-everyone chooses what is a treasure to them.


hiding I do appreciate a post now and then-supports the "fringe"

Take care hf
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