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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Using sex and blackmail many world leaders are held in bondage-unbeknownst to most. Public exposure, loss of everything, even threats to family-CFR controlling WH this way(e.g.,Ted Haggard)...remember Kay Griggs...Remember Svali, Cathy O'Brien, and many more...these are :people used as :tool: and to compromise all to the CFR...Senator William Fulbright is an example of top control...illuminatist

Eugenic policies are being enacted and have been for many DECADES.

All of Hollywood is owned by International BANKSTERS, fronted by other groups, (CFR is hiddenbehind banksters)all of media is controlled like this as well.

<with this the govt believes they have the right to LIE TO THE PEOPLE> and they are covering their incriminating acts...many with children

World bankers have had their hand in EVERY WORLD WAR since 1776. WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT????
Examine opinions of others -at least consider something other than what you have thought. hf


Read "The Shadow Government" by Ray Derby

Israel Cohen...research..."Racial Program for the Twentieth century" June 7th,1957 by "Rep Thomas G Abernathy" It refers to convincing the dark races that they have been oppressed for years by the white man-using this as they attack the white man, they are enslaving the dark races and will take on the white man due to their beliefs...this is true folks-it is disgusting I know-but truth must be heard...this is a tool they planned long ago and used it accordingly-Sounds like many are played by "the man"

could the founding capitalists have been communists???

Blue Man Group

Blues Brothers...

Blue Kachina

Blue Lotus


WE are turning blue no doubt...blue people are usually DEAD

hiding bump

This video gets into plans laid long ago-race riots, anarchy, etc.,. to lead the people(HERD THEM LIKE CATTLE) to their goals of NannyWO-setting up the NAACP with a bunch of white men...early in the 1900s and then B'nai B'rith...who dictates to all labor leagues and NAACP. ADL has their hand in it as well...inciting in various ways the art of CHAOS. around 3:00 check out Edwards finger in Barrys face...tool all of them play the game...

Research the pamphlet(older)
"The Negroes in a Soviet America" urging them to rise up in America...supported by liberals and so-called Reds...seriously

This video is partly based on E.C. Knuth's 'The Empire of "The City"; The Secret History Of British Financial Power', first published in 1944.

The maker is Mrs. Grace Powers, who can be contacted via helpfreetheearth@yahoo.ca

This is her website: [link to www.helpfreetheearth.com]

In the line of E.C. Knuth are several books by Eustace Mullins. Online you can find his 'The World Order'.

Also very useful are the onlined articles by Webster Tarpley about old Venice and Britain: [link to www.abjpress.com]

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