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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Many actions each one of us can take-but if the people will not step up than there are those who will remove the problem and they do have the physical "means"

They have been actively doing it for DECADES-sadly most are too uninformed and uneducated by choice or lack-it leaves many open to be easy pickings-if anyone has believed the tripe the media pumps 24/7, paying for commercials to program everyone watching into zombie hood and smile about it...

Most FAIL to realize that when GMO/GE FRANKENFOODS are used...and eaten...that the GENETIC SEQUENCE IS NOT STABLE

This means there can be a transfer of 'whatever' DNA(bacteria, nematode/Morgellons,actual GENETIC CHANGES WITHIN THE ONE WHO EATS IT, IT IS NOT STABLE, AND IT IS CHANGING CONSTANTLY-BUT WORST THAN THAT IT IS ALSO NOT UNIFORM IN THE WAY IT IS CHANGING...Diseases that we would never be susceptible to-SUDDENLY A PIG VIRUS or an AVIAN VIRUS CAN INFECT US...How can this be...LOOK AROUND-really look-it is ALREADY HAPPENING TO MANY

Especially the ones enamored of this twisted system and ignoring the writing on the wall-

I have just told you-but all the scientists are dropping like flies-what if I am making this up-what does it matter???

can anyone say PANDEMIC

can anyone see the PIGMAN I am talking about or is this a forum of Zombies, fluoridated beyond comprehension

Ignore me as you wish-but I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE RESEARCH and prove me wrong for yourself or solve the curse that tptb have laid upon us and it is surely there-solve the riddles or be lost in a maze of infinite possibilities


FEMA strengthened

Americans the enemy...COG

even the political/military "ultra conservatives" support escalation of war...PROFITS


1987 hearings(suppose to be OPEN to the public as was election areas when bush jr ran/election fraud)

1987 That's right CENSURED-NO AUDIO

Cannot have the sheep running away can we?
TPTB want to pick their technical workers and their slaves/serfs/peasants/pauper-the elite are already hooked up-they think they are worthy rofl


This is how most of the videos posted at glp will be...feeling the LOVE??? The PEACE???


assassinations-shooting friends in the face not on this video...we have recently heard about the assassination squads...2+2=4, 2+3=5...

hiding war,war,war


This is what 1 person can do-if one is motivated. Veterans feeling betrayed by the contractors getting all the gravy: better vehicles, rockstar killer persona envy, "going blackwater",better armor, better equipment,wages...and it goes on and on...KBR and others...only 2 have been prosecuted , 1 for child pornography and another...out of all the contractors...

1 person...

Members of CONgress have told him they have been stonewalled-calling him for info on the private contractors/defense documents since many cannot get them...auditors refused due to security concerns, journalist are LOCKED in the GREEN ZONE...Kind of like Denver is now...

"The privatization of war has both encouraged and enabled the growth in the creation of companies that stand to gain EVEN MORE FROM AN ESCALATION OF WAR."
This guy is a good representative.

This is from 2007-already this was happening.Blackwater in ILLINOIS....HMMMMMMMM dynamite


1000000 Iraqis have died according to a study...few realize that

Many know about MJ or Anna Nicole...or OJ...or which movies are making $$$$$ or whomever has won the current Idol...or the current Lost, figuring out the clues

This is not a movie-this is not a test-


Too many victims all over the world-while Amazon Indians are being killed for their Amazon rainforest land that sits on OIL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This sickness has taken hold, man is trashing his humanity

bump Is this just a stop along the way in the march for never ending war-as long as people will kill when ordered to or due to fear or hate...these wars will go on forever if left up to mankind it seems.

Well, the regulars know what this means...NAMECHANGE

[link to www.youtube.com]
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