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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
BTW I welcome anyone who will prove me wrong, PLEASE DO...it would be most welcome. I mean this in all sincerity-I do not need to be called names, or flamed but I would gladly entertain a challenge...


Deaf and mute some are DESTINED to remain. Soon changes will be more clearly demarcated.

I think the false flag potential is VERY REAL right now-and I believe a 'changing of the guards' very likely

The real question is

Does one really KNOW where they throw their support-it has to be internal-a knowing-no amount of study can replace the KNOWING

One can be told, one can be shown, one can actually see, hear,taste, or touch and still many DENY

Prepare oneself-in all ways-do not allow fear to control you or your mind; do the best you can do and be true to the truth within-

the truth right now for me-is one of my young brought me a picture of an UNKNOWN-dead-has hair-I am going to see what it is...states there is no face and no tail and by photo-I am CURIOUS...especially with the blobs growing in various sewers-

This is a stream and the community here mainly well.


later, Nibiru is not here yet but we have plenty on our plate...prepare

post later
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