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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Just a few comments I would like to state that youtube is ripping videos down in droves...many may be copyright issues-so if one is an older and proves what many deny-there is a good chance it will be STERILIZED and scrubbed if at all possible.
In other words avoid anything illegal-

If one can access any copies of said material-NOW IS THE TIME as many of them and possibly even this threads vids may be compromised

Many records through the years have been scrubbed and nothing or very little left...another few decades(for those still living) and they will be NON EXISTENT in THIS system-it will be totally incredulous stuff and even fewer will get it...even transcripts of direct speech on videos is better than nothing

Take care, some really rough times ahead

Do not be baited-and observe how the Hegelian dialect works-they use it constantly for those with little foresight-be aware

discern-many things untrue will be believed and that which is true will be called lies.

'magicians', sorcerers are QUITE BUSY I C

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