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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
TRUTH bump


Many will react as they jam the weapons up...more driven to insane things and even animals-be aware

"This interview is in 0+13 parts.

This interview is with the pioneer and doctor Manfred Doepp who approaches the subject from both the tradional medical background and from the holistic and future perspectives.

Switching of the Brain is actually what the mobile phone radiation and the wireless society creates in the human brain.

The health risks, facts and damages are already extreme in many ways but not many people are really aware about what happens in the brain when being exposed to EMF, EMR and mobile phone radiation / cell phone radiation / mobile towers and masts.

Switching of the brain is essential to understand when you wish to understand what is really going on and why it seems that many people are becoming more and more willingless zombies or living dead just consuming without persueing any purpose in life.

The term switching explains why people become caught in the prison of the mind.

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