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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
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[link to greatdebate2008.blogspot.com]

In St. Louis, dogs join the dead on the election rolls. In 2000, voters nationwide let out a collective gasp in the waning hours of Election Day. Lawyers for Jesse Jackson and Al Gore convinced judges in St. Louis to keep polls open in selected African-American neighborhoods, altering election law by extending voting hours for those most likely to support Gore...

A common thread in many of the cases that Fund spotlights is the shadowy presence of Acorn. ... In St. Louis, eight Acorn workers pled guilty to election fraud this past April. On the other side of Missouri, in 2006, four Kansas City Acorn workers were indicted after officials deemed nearly 15,000 of their 35,000 registrations phony.

In the mid-nineties, Barack Obama ran Acorn’s Project Vote campaign in Illinois. He sued the state of Illinois on the group’s behalf in 1995 to implement the Motor Voter law. “After he joined the board of the Woods Fund,” Stealing Elections notes, “Obama saw to it that substantial grants were given to Acorn.” Senator Obama has championed Acorn’s legislative priorities in Congress. His presidential campaign even donated more than $800,000 to Acorn...

For those who still think Obama's relationship with Ayers was irrelevant, consider that the views of a communist radical have already been woven into our education system—Obama helped Ayers to fund his education programs, and Ayers has published a series of books for educators. (Is it a coincidence that Obama is already starting to pop up in children's school books?) Americans need to understand that Obama's connections to this entire group of people is certainly no coincidence. What we need to understand is that Bill Ayers—the "respected" professor— is not a reformed terrorist but rather a devoted communist rebel who simply found a new course of action. We should not look at Obama's association with Ayers—instead we should ask ourselves: Why Obama? Why did Ayers choose Obama? Why did Ayers, who hates the United States government, support Obama's rise to the top—even launching his career from his own living room? The answers lie not in Obama's association with Ayers but Ayers' selection of the man that stands before America asking for our vote.
[link to greatdebate2008.blogspot.com]

Russian history is very revealing in how Marxism or Communism comes about-
Any great nation that desires to be free needs to be free of Marxism or Communism imho

Eugenics are heavily used in such systems-like the Gulags

even here

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