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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
The following Alan Watt blurb is relevant to this video:

Dec 1, 2006
Part 1 "Psychopathic Scientists and the Control Factor"
mp3 - [link to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.co...]
transcript - [link to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.co...]

"Back in the 1960s, going into the '70s, a new phenomena was diagnosed ... to do with a form of schizophrenia ... patients were complaining they had chips implanted in them - chips, which were somehow connected to some computer, which was controlling them. Being adaptive, psychiatry across the western world simply accepted this new phenomena.

This odd phenomena of having "chip implants," before anybody heard of a silicone chip, and the remote control of some computer guiding them, was a strange phenomena. If you dig into the old books, you'll find this being queried by different professionals involved at the time, but not as much query as there should have been. ... I'm sure if the public had access to more information it would be very evident that chips were being implanted and tested out on the individuals, who eventually were locked up, often for life. ...

This is something which has been openly discussed, at least semi-openly, at world meetings of scientists paid for by government (taxpayers money), concerning chipping the entire population of the planet, like the Loyola University meetings they have. ... They talked about chipping the entire population, and already said that there were regional computers set-up to manage each individual ... these super computers would program each individual to do certain tasks per day, etc., monitor your chemical balance, and no doubt you'd have to take certain drugs, and so on. You'd have no say in the matter because you would not be you anymore. You would simply be an automaton, programmed.

Chipping in the brain. Chipping in the spine, generally was the complaint of these patients back in the '60s and '70s. That's exactly where they'd interact with your nervous system if there was a chip implant. Messages could be programmed into your hard-wire system, your spinal system, and your nervous system, right into the brain itself - a two-way street.

We also saw the outbreak of certain teenagers who began the first school shootings at the same time. Back in 1979, Brenda Ann Spencer, who was 16 years old, who went to Grover Cleveland Elementary School (this is in California), and she walked into the school and began to shoot people. I think she killed a few, and this stunned the American population at the time as to this senseless act. What was even more senseless, was the response she had when questioned, as to why she did it. Like all people who are under forms of mind control, which is also similar to schizophrenia, in that the emotions are blunted. The normal responses and the emotional responses, the motive they call it, are blunted. She just said, flatly, that she didn't like Monday's. That's why she did it.

Interesting considerations-in light of manson, helter skelter, project mayhem, and all these homicidal scenarios-from college shooters to strangers chopping the head of another bus rider and then proceed to eat pieces of the corpse...or the woman who set herself on fire in a Miami mall a few days back then when strangers manged to put fire out-with 75% of ehr body burned she WALKS OUT INTO THE PARKING LOT and finally collapses...

This is not stress taking it's toll imho
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