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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I am not stating that humankind will be "wiped out" in it's entirety but the masses overall will be FEW

I have known about this 10th planet a very long time-and honestly feel we will have affects on our planet=the question is how great and the missing information-the projections are only given to the elite of the elite...and they have their COG and they have enough for about 50 yrs out for them and about 30-50 mil more....the race of humanity

selective in many ways-sadly some of those selecting are quite selfish and consider themselves as gods above others...

Research as I see we will have a flyby-as to the extent of what really happens-is dependent upon many things-so all should plan a head for the great changes underfoot-regardless of beliefs...it could pass as a whimper or are likely pole shift will change the playing grounds significantly...as I said it could be quite different from one person to another

Radiation and EXTREME heat and fire....serious into a very COLD place...all older writings correlate well
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