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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have thought about it but so much is purposefully DILUTED and this is 1 thread...although I have a thread on frankenfoods...and one on cern, and one on roundups-the info is very uncomfortable for most-understandable but still needs to be addressed and it will be-I do not want to make a thread for all the topics that taken together create a very dynamic and fluid picture

Most of these things are not going to be impacted by you or I-but the general direction I see many heading towards-as they did for many figureheads that are nothing more than pawns of the real power brokers...

We need to get our food needs in ORDER NOW-and water

RFID will become a very big issue-religious or spiritual people are being persecuted and this will continue and increase sadly

those of the organized "churches" will go trough trial of the fires mankind has unleashed...and then the others-if the church people are done in such a way-is it not evident what will happen to the rest of the people???

Knowing the laws and the truth-staying CALM even in the midst of chaos will be necessary-best to gain those skills NOW...

Dig in, lay low, let your light shine but also know the reapers are starting to work...various reapers for various 'plants'-opposing teams at work-know this well

Discern all things
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