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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I have been waiting for the continuing news on these "religious" leaders(in their communities) and about the chronically perverse politicians

As I have said-their house of cards have met the whirlwind and they will find it is going to get far HOTTER, figuratively, and literally...for all for a while but especially those who build their houses, their very foundation on shifting sand

Dust in the wind will be their remission for the evils done against their fellow man-whether Jew, Muslim or Gentile

The house of the Most High will be shook and the ripened figs will fall...to the ground

Lest anyone think it is anti-semitic
I would like to HIGHLIGHT the fact that in China Falun Gong followers are persecuted terribly as political prisoners as they will not worship the 'state' but peacefulness...and 2 other traits most honorable...However, being a political prisoner is made far worst due to the organ harvesting going on.

That is the same as many Palestinians are used as well and many in India are blighted by extremely wealthy elite who are in terrible SHAPE...as they have eaten RICH food and lived with RICH habits,many have oxygen tanks as many of them are struggling to breathe O2...they may not metabolize it so well...OXYGEN...so stealing others organs has been big black market business...and with the UK changing their laws to harvest all basically-if one has declared it or if one has not declared and dying....they view it as IMPLIED consent-you are in 'their' hospital, "consenting" to their treatment...Hello I hope some are GETTING THIS...it will happen here

guillotines many have seen...as well as PapaRATZI has written a paper as a Black Jesuit(negroponte)

about heads being severed....HELLO, I hope all are hearing me...so naturally down the line they do not want bum organs from those they take them from

Lethal injection...damages ORGANS....Electrocution....DAMAGES organs....beheaded-great organs-SEEING THE PICTURE

As pigs are harvested for heart valves for humans...others are used as well-Sadly there are many people being harvested...MANY

Much more out there for those who want more perverse sickness infiltrating many

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