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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
how do you like this little technology



wth are they doing-CYBRIDS is the direction they are going and will foist it upon many and surprisingly many will want to be like "heroes"...seems all is inverted or inside out, up is down and down is up...all kinds of stretching one needs to endure-adapt but never selling out-as that is the goal of tptb

Lots of destruction ahead I C

bump thx for the video

reminds me of the electroshock wrist bracelet for airline travelers they are pushing too-sickening

or the movie Fortress with the intestinators in the prisoners

"Fortress" with Christopher LAMBert playing the persecuted...creepy when I saw it because it mimicked what was ahead-and we are here...the cybrids too

angry hybrids to come for sure

Angry hybrids ahead

and angry chimeras, and cybrids

and what about any who figure out their DNA has been mutated and tptb were responsible

they were silent and implied CONSENT

do not be deceived



Glad you liked the technology..

Gone is the lie detector, welcome the collar of truth.

Flugenics is alive and well. Watch the hands. A puppet master always uses both hands.

Watch the 2008 final episode of this series(great series, sad it has left). ReGenesis. The reactivating DNA flu pandemic of 2010. Spanish Flugenics. [link to www.megavideo.com]

Chicago pneumonic plague biologist dies.

Illinois has pneumonic plague drill today.

Operation Death coming fast upon us.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 601353

I did NOT say I liked it...I see the uses of tech and appreciate what potential is there-but I am more than conCERNed with how it will be applied and abused and albeit many are rather thick...everyone has their moments...in flesh...all err

If it were an ideal world...with true balance instead of puppeteers playing juvenile games...ideal I would find the tech much more exciting...

Thx for the post and vid link...

and even though I am not ecstatic about the topic I find it imperative others become informed...if they are not being proactive with coming into the 21st century or coming in ignorantly...best they do not try now...just enjoy what they have left, they are already DEFEATED IMHO

Consider the message, I am bereft of it as well...


Forewarned, forearmed
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