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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
sadly I have to agree to the cHips and DiPs

this is an extremely industrial sound but I came across it doing research and it seemed to represent the whole picture...

I will check them out-it is rather disheartening as so many are laughing and glued to a burnit device unaware and comfortably numb as much as they can be...most seem content to play games and swim in a vat of alcohol inebriated beyond defense as though that excuse will suffice...it will not

I may not be a hoarder but even a few food items will not cover what is ahead for at least until 2012...and depending on how many are wiped out...could change the lay of the land considerably...the sad part is...many may be wandering aimlessly, but there are a decent number of those aware and willing to do the hard work ahead and not depend on some green giant to do it for us...

Likewise I am in no way beholden to the giants of old, and will not work as some feebleminded slave for their enrichment of perversities they can imagine

I was not put here for that or to be beatdown like some goat or cow...not in this life...that is beyond reasonable-if anyone is feebleminded it is the architects of this eugenics plan-is that the best they can come up with and all those resources???

Pathetic...truly sociopathic and inept imho

If that is the best THEY can do...maybe we ought to take them out of the selected position and deposit some real wisdom or something much more credible that can come up with much wiser decisions.

Many of the elite are DINOSAURS and on too many Oxygen tanks...it is time they move on...and I am not talking about elderly of 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 or 90...I am talking about these lizards who look like men and are not quite as they seem...and I am not watching V folks...nor afraid of it

but I can see right through the screen and it is a waste of MY TIME...real battles to win...

Dinosaurs of control and mayhem...the magicians of chaos...darkness and all things dank...

shapeshifters some are called...old gods...fallen ones....demons....monsters....giants....titans...ets...whatever you want to call them-they are real and they do have an agenda...It is not about sharing the playground with these ones...not at all...they would rather eat you and your young...

There are others...who seek to stop these dark ones, but it is a PROCESS and these dark monsters of mayhem are not thugs on a street but ancient ones...so they are to sanitize all...these adversaries have powerful guile and devious to manipulate DNA, for the dark ones are like Dr Frankenstein in the hermetic lab...MONKEYING around, contaminating the pure seed and the pure blood

know the truth-it is to diminish your divinity and power you own once you claim it...The Most High responds to those aware...not content to allow the right hand to fight the left hand or the right brain to argue with the left brain

man needs to put it together within and without props...props enslave and man needs no props when engaged fully with his actual being, completed...


seek and you shall find...hf


dropping waste and so on...tipping over flasks...cutting electrical cords and dropping them into water...you know generally adding gasoline to a raging fire kind of thing...
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