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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
maybe some hybrid animals...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 601353

see...hybrids, cybrids are the new thing...using human dna like a lego set adding some animal enough to restrict the "creature" and then throw in some borg software.hardware devices...super heroes 3.0



DNA Jacked

upgraded Jill cannot be far behind...

falls back into the stories of serious power and understanding in the days of Atlantis...crystals used to treat and frequency harmonics...then the evil ones who wanted to abuse the underlings...well they went to far and most were destroyed some exiting to the land of Khem...Egypt...and the Emerald Tablets...Thoth...Hermes...and on and on the wheel spins...

the blood drinkers...to hold fleshly form...a formidable battle is about to unveil even further I sense...as more of the genetic anomalies are presenting more and more...more will become aware...

Seems they have done a bang up job denigrating the Spanish(catholic)...the Muslims... the Christians...the Jews...the patriots...the truth seekers...even the few journalists that actually attempt to report real news...and on and on the wheel goes...

all the religious groups seemed to be heavily smeared-a religious persecution is right up ahead...already occurring in different parts of the world...trying to promote all the differences and too many are mixed or have mixed families and friends...the terror is not working so rapidly they grab the new SCAPEGOAT for the wilderness trek...pretty pathetic

truly...so they sell all these wonder devices and DNA dreams of 'superness'...all the while debilitating the massssssssses...

talk about a bait and switch

like their advertising...all the spiritual truths displayed but tied into their car or their new diet pill or the newest ipod...

Played hard...and even the kids...my IT expert was talking about it with me-all the programming and how it literally is geared to drive the kids over the edge in many ways-I posted the video of the zombie game...that literally knocks out the guy playing it...so they can set him up in a real zombie game...and many miss it-but the fact is others do notice..."how did they knock him out"....LOL

rofl I am...but then I stop thinking of many who think it is fake...and are totally easy pickings....

some of them very good people albeit uninformed or too immature to get it.

OTOH some of the younger ones...are much greater threat than the old school troopers(not leos)the ones who survived Nam or survived student riots at Kent state...or another...nobody made it out of waco once it started to burn...and many died in the towers...so the wildOnes are older...as the conditioning and programming and fluoride have worked very well it would seem on most, a few guard against such Orwellian control...notice many 50 or older will be exempt from many things instituted for the younger...they know the older ones will throw down fast if treated like cattle...and I am not talking about Bobby Flay either...

They are into computers before they can write a paper..and they are learning how to hack the system many of them have NO respect for the Machine...it is a tool and it is...but one that is increasingly difficult to control...so I am grateful the younger ones are not as willing to listen to authority-as much as my teen plagues me...there is still hope that this beast being cemented into control...will one day have to face those who were raised seeing the monstrosity as it was implemented...and through the coming years setting about the SOLUTION TO THE BEAST THAT SEEKS TO OWN MAN

and be quick about it kids...it is growing exponentially.

When ever one is creating they need to plan the demise as well...or suffer serious harm in underestimating the beast...

Take care hf
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