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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Nano tubes will be used and are being used...

Morgellons ties into it and the creation of nano fiber optic throughout the HUmans...

and the Nanos are a very slippery slope...

the small vid...nanos....creepy as I know they already have cameras everywhere and I do not like being watched by others who are all too strange...and the AI that is incorporating into it...they have cameras in 20000 UK homes already and CCTV everywhere

as though a frigging camera will keep someone safe...how stupid-how much of a paranoid fruitcake...as if some hidden hand can save you from harming others or self...what a joke...metallic paint can block sensors quite well...metallic came into my mind...as it diminishes heat signature...or a really thick mud pack...one best be aware and prepare mentally to be CREATIVE to survive and get over their pedestals if they are attached to cushy thrones...the LOFTIEST have tumbled and lightening has come down...soon the wonders will come...and many will be deceived as they choose to remain even now.


good videos! Their laughter about all being chipped is malignant to my ears and spirit...

the Frankenfoods are like a hellraiser cube puzzle with DNA

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