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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Great job with this thread Shadow, will begin to go through it more carefully.

 Quoting: SEADOG

thanks SD I appreciate it-and I am not stating it is all true or all false

sadly more of it is true more than it is false...

but each must discern because when their moments come no one can tell another what their life is worth or what their death will be as well...

no matter how well prepared or planned anyone is there is bound to be the element of surprise best if it is in ones favor...

At this age as a woman...well...I am not a real threat by my physical presence at all...but I still have a fine mind and discern better than most...or I would not be so enamored of crappy death riddled threads...my focus is beyond this twisted orgy-way beyond...so godspeed to all who hear and consider, time is of the essence even more than this time last yr...a premium to be exact and no one has enough time to prepare ADEQUATELY

I am seriously entertaining a property outside of states...to hold just in case...canada but more NE than NW...not leaving here at this point...just making ready...

good to have a few safe zones if the droids get too militant...zombies(unruly dead)...meet the blade or the head shot...bodily fluids are anathema to the living unless known to be 'safe or secure'(relative term nowadays)

sounds crazy I KNOW but do not discount the whole thing...call it womans' intuition if that is more comfortable...

do not discount...and I do not game either...

Take care and give some feedback as the best way to survive is for those of sound mind to work together even if we do not share exact views-most want to survive.

Ciao hf
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