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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 748250

au contraire...do you not remember Lincolns speech???

every taskmaster feeling the sting of his own whip???

the balance will be pulled, willingly or unwillingly

cotton????Using 7-10 times the amount 'normal' crops "need" of PESTICIDES/re-packaged WWII weapons for PROFIT...dual profit? With the DNA manipulations they are doing with cotton and the resistant to heat organisms they found in the sea floor vents...and in the geysers...mutating into something that is a parasite like Morgellons???? Get past the superficial friend...all of our lives will be on the line and color or religion will be the least of your worries...but staying alive
You get shot and a "koon" doctor is the only one who can save your life...do you really want him picking cotton or working to save your life...or are you that simple minded to die due to your 'principle'

All races have their bad seed and their good-we all are being crushed by the man...is the other MAN your real threat or the BEAST MAN crushing your testicles???Better make sure when you decide...if this color thing is your issue-good luck with that...

Very few have their PAPERS...their lineage back even a few hundred years-even many who think themselves one thing could be readily proven another...that is the truth...so do not be so arrogant...as pride GOETH BEFORE A FALL.

Others....can go back to the 1700s or the 1600s or to the 1200s...FEW can...as records were meticuously destroyed to MUDDY THE WATERS...

evil has no color...seriously...evil is much deeper than superficial skin tone and even genetics...

that is the truth.

How about hemp???

Hemp for VICTORY???

free your mind and the rest will follow-Let go of the fear...it will not serve you hf bigger dragons to slay ahead...
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