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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
This was on our msm tv yesterday.

Microbiologist claiming 40% of kids that were vaccinated showed signs of behavioral problems suggesting that vaccine affected brain functions.

University clinic denied it..
It has to be translated but here it is:
[link to translate.google.com]

If one gets the live virus or other in flumist...it crosses blood brain barrier and goes directly into brain tissue and meninges...very insane imho

the vaccines are just as bad and I have seen it firsthand and cases are getting through supreme court-one case of autism...and some more on dockets where the pharma slugs had to concede but tried to blame the childs genetics..as fif we are to inject dog dung or pig or bird fetal cells into us...or into our bodies injecting VIRUSES

I could be in an entire room filled with sick people and be fine....but shooting it into the body or the brain via spray is beyond stupid to me...honestly, it is genocide or suicide...or even HOMICIDE
as these CRETANS would not have clamored for immunity which both parties giving it to them...lastly obama....

No, why would they spend MILLIONS trying to get immunity for something good???

They would not.

Franken science needs to be removed from the field of science lest it contaminate all with it's grand nightmarish vision.

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