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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
They have broken the code of the plague now...surely they will not pass up this "opportunity" no doubt...as they play in the lab with the plague...


Posies will not help

Here is an incredible fact. Under the Global 2000 plan as developed by the
Club of Rome in 1972, for President Carter, there is a covert intention by
the International Bankers, transnational Cartels, and the other Globalists
behind the New World Order to depopulate the world to an environmentally sustainable level. Meanwhile, the elite members are safely ensconced in relative comfort in the many underground cities that have been prepared and financed with your tax money and the receipts of illicit drug sales. Depopulation will be carried out by fomenting wars throughout the globe, using induced diseases and weapons of mass destruction, all of which will quickly escalate through the plan to use nerve gases and possible nuclear exchanges. They will promote the use of vaccines containing potentially lethal agents such as live Spanish influenza virus as an ingredient of the next batch of "flu shots," and especially they could employ aerosol sprays of plague, anthrax, ricin, botulin, tularemia etc. and the contamination of drinking water with lethal bacteria, viruses, and chemicals such as ricin, botulin, cholera and shigellosis... [link to www.apfn.org]
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