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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I have repeatedly stated hemorrhagic fevers will become more common


extreme coming-even MORE than what many are already hearing about

[link to content.nejm.org]

My brother in law dying at 31 in 3 days-starting with Moeshe's assault...with difficulty breathing and GBS type symptoms(but he did not have a GBS diagnosis) It was pneumonia when he first went in on aug 11th...and was vented and transferred

then it seems the hemorrhagic aspects became more severe...and then brain hemorrhage...then dead...he was cremated BEFORE HIS BROTHER COULD ARRIVE in the hospital...RAPIDLY

listed "unknown" and I have been sounding off about this but most want to turn it into an ego thing-sadly it is far worst and very real...

I saw it on cam...watched it and watched the man described as "mentally ill"-who wouldn't be knowing what he knows and being around those who think it "normal" to desire to infect or kill possibly millions...

He warned about it 2 months before it came out about the plague and the UK lab and the Austrian investigations...and Jane B. with the legal actions...

so much discounted and so much readily apparent to anyone who seeks the facts-

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