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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
601353 hf

thanks for the contribution

I am very concerned about it all as I have not been to a hospital as a patient in over 3 yrs-I had loved ones push the issue a few days back...what a shock-after working in the medical field for over 30 yrs as a professional with licensing I am shocked at what I saw and what I experienced

It was an eye opener and it seems VERY clear to me that the new healthcare will be all about making everyone a psych case...really strange...I have always thought that people in pain and those who did cry were generally in pain...I never jumped the shark and assumed they were psych cases...

I know the medical community has struggled with DEA and such and I have heard enough doctors upset because their hands are tied constantly by INSURANCE companies and DEA...they restrict meds because they do not want to be visited-and yet the newer less tested meds are pushed like candy as the bIg Pharma(sorceries) still hold copyright on the new 'CONfabulations' and get MASSIVE CASH from that...unscathed fro bIg Pharma...sickening...

So I was going to find a new doctor and the closest that is an office-I picked up a packet...and they did not ask 1 question about my heart, my blood pressure, my physical health(which was the concern-I have had multiple traumas since born and many decades later...well I am not made of plastic...so it has its cumulative effects)

So I pick up the packet to fill out as they will not make any appts until you fill it out...no questions regarding my physical health but a 6 page packet

more in next post
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