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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
So in this packet is the "care plan" and in that it is insane

They ask what are my dreams, goals, and wishes? Today? This year? Through the rest of your life?

What makes you happy? Tell us about your medical concerns, your hobbies, what you like to do for fun, your psychological needs...

What can your healthcare team need to know about if you are in a crisis? (what kind of "crisis" are they referring to???)

What are your greatest challenges?

What are your greatest strengths?

and on and on...with answer spaces for 1-3 paragraphs...


I am not at a psych hospital or clinic-no psych history...what in the hell is going on???

And to top it off-they will not even make an appt unless you hand in the packet and they get all health records...ALL of them...when you are 20...not so much....but at 40,50,60...well, that is alot of records and having worked even at the VA as prn for 14 yrs or so...well, some of the peoples records are voluminous and I mean several feet high...where is all that going to be stored???

I found a better clinic and made an appt without their mini psych exam....I am not worried about it-I took many about 30 yrs ago in a custody battle that I won...thankfully or another child would of been 'crippled' by a parent...he was very violent-nicknamed him white OJ...figure it out...and now that I know many hospitals are taking an aggressive stance on most-to encourage a reaction they can classify as such...be aware...

My file would not be like that but the hard copies of MRI,CT,EMG etc...well it is not a 5 page report...that is for sure...and I have not seen anyone in about 3+ yrs...no meds I take regularly(although I have had many given for all kinds of stuff-overall I do not buy into their 'sorceries'...and if has served me well-especially when I look at those who plan to follow the leader in healthcare.

I was so shocked and now I have sought another clinic in a more affluent area...to avoid the cattle rustling ways of that other clinic...and tie ins to the "twilight zone"...I told a friend what happened and she said she would of never gone to ________ hospital because it is like a dark rift there...twilight zone weirdness...I had not a clue...as I have not worked in this state in my medical capacity-other than volunteering...

In my prior location I knew many doctors in KC and in both states-gave me a platform to start from-and I see I was a bit spoiled having the inner knowings there and knew which doctors to avoid...and several that were good...here...it is a crap shoot unless I want to fight bostonian traffic for a day trip and a doctor appt...as they are highly trained there-when I was much younger that is where I went...and it was easy then...and did not have to come in from much farther....oh well

I am typing all this crap to make a point.

scrub jr changed the laws quite a bit...and I know that they changed it for children to be evaluated from birth to 18-in fact to evaluate all the adults who would be near a child....coming into the world...to make sure the child will be with adults who are certifiably sane...now I see what is going on...and I see hellcare and the way lobbiests write the bill with big phama and insurance industries...I see there is no review...as the Veterans do have...I see that if you do not follow their suggested course of action they can deny additional care....and I see they plan to make many "psych patients" even if they have no history of this. I also see that if the state or fedGovt order forced vaccinations-they can inject motor oil and do it without consent if you are a PSYCH patient....so this is key and if MASS gov signs the order in MASS they will be authorized to take children from parents if they refuse personal injection...arrest parent and you cannot be forced(unless you are "psych") and the children removed and injected...that is the truth and that CRETAN better not sign it and obama states it looks like he will sign it...


ALICE is tumbling down the dank hole and it is looking really bad and the smell cannot be described but it assaults you.

Those who can leave should as this country will take one of the biggest hits!!!

I am not joking folks-if you have that as an option-these are the last days before you are locked in this hell on earth scenario and it will be worldwide but here it will be especially bad...as the UN is the nanny world scrub sr declared we would have and that they "will be successful"...and their dollar bills declare as well...

never to be as it was before and the way the Asians are lining up-2012 year of the dragon should be very illuminating

exterminati is marching hard and fast to bring in their cursed utopia of schisms

Illuminari-separate from them are to battle Nimrods Babylon

and then rise from the ashes....and it will be a battle of fire and ash...

Know it now and consider those who will be awash in flames for the true-until the resolution is brought forward and the phoenix rises from the ash.

forewarned is forearmed...hf

It is evident with the smears on the "truthers", "birthers", "911" etc....anything they want to spread as truth-any theories that make them seem innocent of collusion in all the tragic happenings

from the testimony of computer programmers swearing in front of CONgress that they hacked scrub jrs election to win...is ignored and these egregious 'laws' made to fill their halliburton camps-civilian work camps

Like Frances Farmer-they will institute a plan to make most psych material...

It is bizarre

I have to wonder what is going on as I talk with many in healthcare that mirror much of what I am saying-

so this is my warning to all-as they are impatient to fill their camps up...
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