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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
In this society many are baited and coerced to move in directions that are very dangerous.

Sadly the ones who really need the help or are being "crippled" for life are left to suffer-it serves the nwo as more are crippled and wounded throughout their life...many may look normal but if one could see within, the truth slays those remaining silent

For the children and for the adults who as children suffered in hidden ways

for all the children...

I speak out because my 7 month old granddaughter was murdered by a LICENSED babysitter-who served 3 years because the cops screwed up the Miranda...and the video with confession of murdering my beloved Amara Grace was suppressed...that is the world I know, that is the world I am not part of-for it betrays the very smallest and the most innocent and those who are left to resolve betray the victims even further

from rape to murder, the officials overall are eunuchs and serving darker masters few ever sense.

That is the truth and will be until these monsters and these vipers are removed-

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