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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
This is from detroit and shows the truth-likely this is her girlfriends child or one he grabbed or kidnapped...the point is this guy who abuses this child is quite large and he appears he has some means-who is this monster??? He is sickening and disgusting in all ways...and as more and more become addicts in the hopeless financial ruin in our country more shall be found crossing the line from discipline to abuse/torture.

As a good neighbor one can provide help for those struggling...as the system that is to protect these innocents is quite corrupt and many come out of it as damaged or damaged worst than the ones left with Cretans like this man-

the facts are sickening-through and through-the abuse in foster care system is RAMPANT and these children will grow up and will LIKELY model this atrocious behavior...likely the grown man doing this was also abused...that is the reality folks...few that survive are strong enough to overcome and turn their life into success-but it can be done, just rarely is accomplished-

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