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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
seems lots of cases are botched or the killers or attempted killers released early...Harrel Franklin Braddy had been released early from prison for "good behavior." He had served 13 years of a 30 year sentence for attempted murder. (Was it working with reptiles?) He became friends with Shandelle Maycock and her 5 year old daughter, Quatisha. Back in November of 1998, Braddy was asked by Maycock to leave her home. Braddy allegedly responded by choking Maycock until she was unconscious. Braddy then forced Maycock and her daughter into his car. Maycock apparently regained consciousness, and jumped with her child out of the moving car.

Braddy allegedly caught the woman and put her in the trunk. Maycock never saw her daughter again. Braddy then apparently drove to a section of the Everglades (Alligator Alley) and dropped the five year old in the marsh. She was killed by alligators.

Braddy's trial had been delayed for almost years because of several changes in his representation. His attorney, G.P. Della Feram, declined to comment. Braddy escaped from the courthouse after trying to strangle a Miami-Dade corrections officer in 1984. Consequently, security remains high. Braddy was convicted of first-degree murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, burglary and escape. He faces the death penalty.

Update: Edit. Maycock was 22 at the time of the crime. Braddy is now 57. He is described as a well built 6' 220 lb paralegal. Yes, a paralegal. He has used the prison system to study law. Not surprisingly, it is anticipated that he could tie up a decision to execute him many years in the Appellate Courts. So much for reform...

[link to legalpublication.blogspot.com]

early release means LICENSE TO KILL when dealing with murderers and killers...what is so confusing to the so-called "judges"?
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