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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I see your salient points and I for one am not all about jumping the shark just because we can...likewise as it sits any with this decision under the current regimes is suicidal

many in the 'elite' gene pool suffer from too much interbreeding...

and obviously there are many without medical intervention0physical or psychological) could not function plain and simple...few can even grow their own food or understand the most base considerations-seems they do not last long regardless...even with assistance-but many far longer due to unnatural assistance-beyond reasonably could of been achieved based on their own abilities or merits/

Having volunteered in many capacities-I can say from observing many struggling, and it is pronounced...the deficiencies are significant and restrict many.

Sadly, one is left at a loss to determine how much is contrived from contamination promoted in the environment-and poor treatments, lack of adequate water, and lack of adequate nutrients

In water, one can filter quite a bit with just a clean cotton cloth folded over several times...but this information is not exactly made common...one has to wonder why not???


Agenda 21-

If even 1/5 of the $$$$ spent on war and bioweapons was spent on enhancing the world and the people it is clear-that is not what they want for the world...few speak out-and even fewer are free to act

Threats are very real.

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