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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Alot of people think Eugenics "died out" at the end of WWII... thank you for showing that is definitely not the case.

The New Eugenics is to be found in the results and applications of the Human Genome Project and the next steps are to clone or rather "create sperm" and "create eggs" taht contain just the DNA and mtDNA the Eugenists are looking for, then with forced abortion and the even forced impegnatation implanet zoogotes into what are essentially slave wombs to "create a new Human race". This is NOT science fiction, but rather a Eugentics Science Goal and Project.

The Effort will be to build a society along the lines of a Bee Hive.. with a Queen (only her DNA and mtDNA will be synthesized and used for 'production'), soliders, workers (of all levels), those who's destinies are to be nothing more than WOMBS to incubate, give birth, and feed the new young (of all castes), and the sexual slaves.

The shear reduction in the human gentic diversity will of course make it very easy for nature to decimate the human population.

I guess what I have presentd here is "Eugenics 170".

Holy shit! Your comment gave me goosebumps.
Here's why...

People who report being abducted by aliens describe the aliens as a hive-like species. The greys are the workers while the taller, better looking, usually female aliens are in charge...sort of like the queen.

Now, this is even more shocking:

There was a medical study conducted on test subjects in New Mexico, who were given intravenous DMT. A good portion of the subjects reported bizarre abduction like scenarios. A few in particular described the alien types who operated in like a bee-hive structure.
Read the book: "DMT: The Spirit Molecule"

My theory is that our mind can connect to other dimensions and DMT is one substance that can make it extremely easy for humans to connect to those dimensions.
DMT does exist naturally in small amounts in the human body and could be an explanation for spiritual and alien abduction experiences.

This particular alien dimension, which our mind connects to while on DMT, could be a future dimension.

Aliens could be humans thousands or hundreds of thousands of years in the future.
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