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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I know that with the introduction of DMT alien stories can become more likely

I know I have never felt comfortable about greys or reptiles etc...

I know I have had contact around 50 yrs back...and off and on but much more low key than long ago-

These beings are advanced...and luminous...but not hostile and NO ABDUCTIONS

I know we are in turbulent times and I know many will not believe this-it does not matter

I am not on board with any group or any secret plot to eradicate masses...and I dispute the canned BS spewed by media and politicians as the truth

Sadly these days are not all that supportive of children, elderly...seems many will buy into the lie and even murder

Reflecting on "octomom" and her comment that she was paid to be a single woman bearing a litter of children induced...who paid her and WHY???

Who described to the artist what was to be painted on the Denver murals and who paid for the Georgia Guidestones...I see deceptions all over and many are falling for it.

Likewise...so many can barely function or take care of themselves...but I do not support more laws against the ignorant...just maybe less intervention and with the health care chit passing-looks like tptb are right on schedule with eradicating MANY...UK has declared they must cut their populace in half-forget the queen cutting her earnings or royal holdings for the good of the masses...or the cutbacks in their healthcare they are also facing while CCTV inserts a cam right up their english channel...
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