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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 601353

It truly is pathetic to me-they will allow any kind of visual imagery as to how to kill another, or even TORTURE another...they will allow all sorts of PROGRAMMING how to kill many in a host of films...and about a month ago-there was a young man who bought a machete and he proceeded to go to a STRANGERS house and proceeded to kill a woman, the mother, the wife....and then attempted to kill her young child-the husband away at work-the little girl survived, the woman was loved by many in the community as she tried to help many regularly and made the town much better with her presence.

The killer was 18 or 19...he stated had he known the little girl was still ALIVE HE WOULD OF FINISHED HER OFF RATHER THAN LEAVE HER WITH NO MOTHER...

WHY? WHY did he do this??? I have spoken with the one who sold him the machete at a legal store making a legal purchase-no comments were made to indicate the kid was going to do this. WHY? People he did not know being killed for what reason or cause could this man respond?


He has obviously played too many video games for hours on end killing and the thrill was losing its appeal-He had watched too many "exciting" movies of torture or people being killed over and over, year after year-that is what happened-and the young man is obviously arrested and has been charged...the little girl survived, scarred and without her mother but her father still has a daughter-

These scanners are egregious-because if any terrorist wants to kill many they can and it can be as easy as a viral or spore undetected...so anyone who thinks they are safe from destruction from some loon can think again-selling out ones liberties for a false sense of security is what it is.

Terahertz scanners unzip DNA and affect genetics as well as epigenetics

Know the truth or die ignorant. bump same as the barcodes-all of them already have 666 or even 616 consistently on ALL PRODUCTS

Many may discount the bible written by many...or they may discount Yehoshuah the Christ or the death-but the facts remain SELF EVIDENT, THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING IS IT NOT?

Thousands of years ago-THOUSANDS of years ago, it was written man would come to a point much like we see today...where the "beast" would arrange a system that would mark all free men as slaves....as beasts of the field-as though they owned man...these "marks" would be in the right hand or the forehead-some have suggested it is by ones thinking and by ones "oaths" or to the work they lay their hand to...but in this ancient book, this discounted book it speaks that these marks would be ascribed to "ALLOW" people to "buy and to sell" that they would be required.

Amazing a book that brings many forward with vitriolic dismay directed at this book-what would garner such a response in light of the way things are coming down???

Could mere ignorance be the cause or is it something uch deeper-the fact that the truth remains with the Most High-no psychics, no channelers, no gurus or any current king or prince seen can call it so precisely-and yet there remains an ignorant horde that dismisses wisdom even that of thousands of years ago that is PROVING TRUE

I suggest those who find it easy to denigrate true wisdom in such an 'archaic' book look again before it is too late...for it shall prove itself throughout time immemorial

Eternal truths should not be squandered for they never change and one could get rather messed up thinking the source is discounted without consequence

Choose wisely-a second opportunity will likely not be presented.

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