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Message Subject Eugenics 101
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The Haiti quake was definitely a U.S. dirty tricks as we are now going down to take over. It happen to go directly through the middle of Port O' Prince and was about only 4.5 miles long, how strange. Perhaps HARRP f...kup. But don't donate any money unless you can put it in the hand of a Haitian directly or else it will end up in the coffers of the NWO. Did you know the Samoan Islands also had an EQ yesterday but no reports. I wonder why? It was about a 9er or so. But no news on that one I guess they have no oil, poppy's, cocaine or strategic locations we are interested in yet. So we don't really care what happens to them. But perhaps in the future we may bring them democracy. That is if they find natural. gas or oil near by. Lucky them, for now they only have a 9.0 EQ to deal with and not the IMPERIALISTS, i.e.-us the U.S. and our genocidal policies toward people who happen to have better tans than we do.
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