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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Yes it is true about Dulce and researching Phillip Schneider will elucidate . RIP hf

It is rather disparaging to realize the truth but it frees you-to take appropriate actions and PREPARE in light of all the facts but to have the spiritual connection to source, the Creator

If one doesn't they are free to go on about their way-but the WAY of truth leads one safely through the minefield/'mindfield'

Seek now and figure it out as soon many things will be quite different...

skills learn as many as one can-the more one has the greater the ratio for surviving-no matter what comes down...

Many more EQs, volcanoes, fire, wind, and even rushing waters ahead-have all the armor-and this is not a drill....

Take care, watch coastal areas-and diseases-as populations flee ever increasing catastrophes-watch the animals folks...they are being affected too...and some have a part to play helping to clean this mess up-and they unlike man will heed that 'instinct'

Ciao hf
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