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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content



and forget their made in china crap or walmart or thank yourself for having no job or not enough cash to buy anything-

or having products that dose your infant with lead...they will let it into the country but with their nanny world they have already restricted reselling ANY childrens clothes in second hand or consignment shops-of course you may still see some re-selling of kids clothes but if they are caught they will pay, pay, pay...

Many may try and discount what I am saying and many are too saddened and overwhelmed by the truth awaking them...but I assure you no time must be wasted mourning WHAT NEVER WAS

Know the truth and prepare for it is ones very life on the line-their very soul/spirit-and the twisted elite will not stand for commoners sharing the wealth-that is why they want to take out about 85-90% of the people-they will still steal and rob-they will still buy and sell people like toilet seats made of gold(shame on you Oprah)and then they can declare success-they created the CHAOS and plagued mankind at every step-and then supposed order-making themselves gods over all-who are they as they are IMPOTENT if they are "gods"-demonstrated by their incessant paranoia and control measures

where the likes of Z "big" actually said quite casually, "It is easier to KILL A MILLION THAN CONTROL a million..."

yes indeed and if he is killed many will celebrate...

who needs to kill MILLIONS when 300 or so are the real issue???

Obviously they think themselves gods and they are but demons in disguise in this MULTIVERSE
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