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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Not even a year later and look at the deaths in the 100000s

the Volcanoes, the Earthquakes

as they regulate my Vitamin C(water soluble)

Millions contaminated with Depleted Uranium

Birth defects and deaths rising

as they talk of over population I watch the young and the not even middle aged die like flies

Many of my friends

my family

friends of family

7 months old???(granddaughter)

2 yrs old???(friends granddaughter)

23 yrs old???(colleague)

31 yrs old???(brother in law)

34 yrs old???(friend)

36 yrs old???(BFF)

43 yrs old???(friend)

43 yrs old???)new years day, a friends mother)

44 yrs old???(BFF-massive cardiac and she was healthy)

45 yrs old???(BFF)

46 yrs old???(friend)

53 yrs old???(mother)

and so on it goes, the list is NOT complete

So with so many being killed and dying so prematurely, why are they in such a rush to get rid of many million more-

Sickening-the way of the hermit is becoming even more ascetic

and for the sea creatures killed by massive banned pesticides-insects dying in hordes-no food for the birds or fish, no oxygen...and microwaved as well???

Curiouser and curiouser
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