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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Sammie
Post Content
great thread

and sadly, I do believe the transhumanism movement is deeply rooted in the monetary & political power structures, with a long history of control, horrific brutality that has no respect for the life ....nd by that I mean all sentient beings, including animals and human alike.

I wished to bump this in case others had missed it, as I had.

Lots of valuable info here (despite youtube terminating user accounts, resulting in broken links).

I know how much effort goes into, not only researching but also compiling it into a format for threads

Thank you for you time, sweat and, I'm certain, tears.

This issue pulls at my heart in a way like few others. It is literally a physical pain to comprehend the sheer breath of inhumanity that a person must possess in order to even conjure such ideas,let alone act on them.

To see animals tortured, for lab testing sends me over the edge with despair.

Those who can not consent, those who can not defend themselves, those without knowledge of what is being done and no rights to defend themselves...... to see these beings.. animal and human (who, more often than not, experiencing the same injustice and powerlessness) endure unimaginable and UNNECESSARY suffering is beyond overwhelming for anyone who has any ability to empathize with other living beings ("great" or "small").

I think these individuals must posses a complete void of soul (and spirit) in order to embody such a sheer lack consciousness, and one which, can not (on any level) resonate with compassion, what so ever.

In short, they are not humans beings...they are not even animals.

They are not sentient beings, in any form or fashion.

This has been going on... it is going on...

There are some things that are simply not tolerable regardless of the circumstances involved in completely withdrawing consent.... but if there is a shred of dignity, integrity and compassion remaining in the individuals who reside on this planet (which I do believe) there is, we must find the courage to stand against such agendas.

Regardless of the outcome.

Despite the dangers it puts us in. Principal is defined in words, integrity and honor is displayed in action.

What will it take...what more has to be endured before enough is enough?

Where is the line in the sand?


If it isnt defined, it doesnt exist and that is a dangerous road without boundaries or limits.

A short walk through history is enough to know, that men (mankind), even few in number, suffering with the greatest psychosis' have long been at work in the most powerful seats of policy, academia and wealth manipulation.

Here is another angle that I'm not sure has been brought up, as I had to skip around a bit today through the pages... ands that is Personality genocide though behavioral "science".

I have felt this myself recently and have been denied employment due to psych tests for jobs despite my long work history with one 2 firms (15 yrs...10 at the last one), stellar performance record, suburb interviews, and on and on.....

it IS genocide.... no job = no food, no home and thus death as these are the basic human survival needs.

Anyway here is a doc, on the history. I'm sure some are familiar with many of the concepts, as I was, but the depth of the film is quite good and
i learned a lot from it.

I would highly recommend everyone watch it in it's entirety.

It's horrific..yet it is happening ( and this is just the behavioral aspect, not to mention the other topics that have been discussed here).

What these bastards ( 'TOP Scientists") did to animals, their fellow man and even children and BABIES..... all documented in their "scientific" medical journals as academic research.... is Beyond my comprehension and I hope it always will be.

I never wish to understand a mind that works in this manner.... ever.

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