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Message Subject Eugenics 101
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
another shameless bump

I have just begun to grieve for my aged aunt

A greedy family member was able to surreptiously get the medical POA from another....and signed a DNR on her...they gave my beloved aunt morphine and she died with 12 hours...

Bad enough

as I was setting things up so she and her aged brother(profoundly deaf) could stay with me...

So at the funeral observing many 'family' acting like brazen predators I on principle, stayed longer to assist

Now my aged beloved uncle has been served

The greedy are claiming he is incompetent and so deaf he is confused

Perhaps the actions of the state or the greedy have more to do with getting control of 100000s of dollars

I must stay and help him as I have seen discrimination throughout my life and cannot ignore such egregious actions

He has been deaf for over 60 yrs, now they move against this man who worked as a simple farmer his whole life.

now the vultures gather trying to take from the living what they never worked for

Seems they do have an agenda to readily dispose of the truly chaste, to feed the unholy

assisted deaths will be oh so common


but the way of the fallen shall become endemic
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