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Message Subject When they come for your Guns...
Poster Handle Lost Fisherman
Post Content
I admit Gates was asking for trouble by talking smack to the cop. However the cop had no right to arrest him. For those who think he did, then why were the charges dropped almost immediately?
 Quoting: Reece2076

The cop most certainly did have the right to arrest Gates, on the charge of disturbing the peace, which is a catch-all charge to allow temporary detainment. Charges are often dropped quickly once the details of an incident are determined.

Gates wouldn't identify himself, wouldn't co-operate with a law enforcement official who could not ascertain the nature of the disturbance because of Gates' belligerence, and the cops had a credible report of a B&E. And, the cops had no way of knowing if a perp was out of sight in the house waiting to pounce with a shotgun.

The situation could have de-escalated rapidly if Gates would have simply produced his driver's license instead of trying to make a political statement.

We live in an allegedly civil society. Gates should have behaved civilly.

Obama shoulda kept his trap shut.
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