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Message Subject When they come for your Guns...
Poster Handle Reece2076
Post Content
When they come for your guns will you just give them up because the police officer asked you to. Will you then just comply because the cop is just doing his job.

The responses to many of the threads about the Gates incident has showed me that many of you will do what you're told because the cop is just doing his job. A lot of you believe a cop has the right to arrest you if you dare speak up about a perceived injustice.

I admit Gates was asking for trouble by talking smack to the cop. However the cop had no right to arrest him. For those who think he did, then why were the charges dropped almost immediately?

A lot of you talk a big game from your keyboards. But this incident just goes to show that when the time comes many of you will just comply. In fact I'll take it a step further and say many of you will probably help round the "troublemakers" up.

Hey reece, you are one of the biggest 'talkers' on GLP.

You are attempting, in this thread, to somehow prove that Gates had the nerve to do what GLP'rs wouldn't, thereby somehow making Gates the good guy and the Cops the bad guys.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 618285

Look I'm not saying Gates acted appropriately the entire time. The cop definitely didn't when he arrested an American citizen without just cause. It's sad that many of you are so blinded by race on this issue that you don't see it.

I suppose you think the law enforcement officers at Waco or Ruby ridge were just doing their jobs too. They were the good guys and those radicals were clearly the bad guys right.
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