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Message Subject Has GLP Become a Racist Forum?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So, the main question people need to ask themselves is:

Why is the MSM pushing the racism? Why are a lot of the propagandists pushing the racism?

I'll answer with a story.
This story is not about GLP, but the MSM and the way it affects people, who are easily affected.

So there's this kid, an older kid, that is babysitting his 3 little brothers.

Well, said older brother, keeps doing mean things to them, and eventually over time, they figure him out.

They all decide that it has been the older brother's fault all along, even the times when he caused them to fight against each other.

So, as they all decide to chase down the older brother in the house and give him his dues, what does he do?

He starts screaming frantically..."ITS NOT ME!! It's his fault! brother A did X to brother B! brother C did Y to brother A! Brother B is secretly against you both!!!"

Divide and conquer isn't as productive as it used to be.

Open eyes see everything.
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