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Message Subject Has GLP Become a Racist Forum?
Poster Handle 1-2-Follow
Post Content
How can an entire forum be racist?

There are at least 700 people on here at any given time, on average.... not all of them are racist.

Then again, some are prejudiced against blacks, some against whites, some against Jews, some against gays, some against Christians, etc etc etc.....

A "forum" isn't racist.
 Quoting: Riker

and then some are just becoming increasingly sick of being shit on and disrespected when they are expected to be totally politically correct on all racial issues and totally sympathetic to minorities when in reality the minorities (though some won't admit it) have the same opportunities as everyone else.

it's the mental block of those minorities that keeps them in their situation, EXPECTING to be taken care of, and gives them the "it's not enough, i need more" complex.

the ones who have broken out of that stranglehold are the ones who become successful and lead normal lives.

it's no different than when you go to the trailer park and see the whites there.
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