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Message Subject Has GLP Become a Racist Forum?
Poster Handle Steve Urkel
Post Content
this scares you doesn't it OP



No just disappointed. I used to think Certain people were spiritually evolved and had risen above these base instincts, judging by other threads I've seen them post. I guess I'm not always a good judge of character.

What would I have to be afraid of?
 Quoting: Reece2076

It depends man. Some people who are spiritually evolved fall back into weak states of mind or body... Then racism starts to begin to edge its way into your consciousness.

It sure as hell happened to me in the past, until I developed some self-awareness and realized my racist thoughts are a byproduct of the state of mind/body...

When you understand all racism (The hatred kind) is because of people blaming others for their misery or lack of happiness etc etc... You understand it's just a tool of the weak.

And all racism is learned behavior.

Babies don't come out of the womb and say racist statements...

Those are all things people are TAUGHT & learned through others...

If you have to learn to be racist - then you can unlearn it.
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