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Message Subject Has GLP Become a Racist Forum?
Poster Handle Steve Urkel
Post Content
I think one of the most powerful things any American can do, is TRAVEL to another country and live with another culture.

I'm sorry to say this, but many Americans cut themselves off from the world... and the Main Stream Media EXPLOITS this weakness... They play on the fact that you haven't lived with other cultures and have first hand experience...

I notice, lots of people in the USA have plenty of opinions on Iran/Israel/Europe/China etc... And when you ask them, if they have ever been to those countries/continents... They'll stare blankly at you...

Where do these opinions come from? They're all learned behavior.

You can erase all your preconceived beliefs...

At the end of the day... it is CULTURE and not pigmentation that is the issue.

Culture is defined as learned behavior passed down through our species... The color of a persons skin has nothing to do with most situations - it's Culture.
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