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Message Subject Has GLP Become a Racist Forum?
Poster Handle Andromeda
Post Content
You're fucking kidding me...right? Just go up to the search feature type in the word black. Just black. There are hundreds of posts about blacks, some are not racist, they may even been posted with the best intentions, but some are blatantly racist. Then read the comments.

While you're at it, feeling all picked on, read some of the shit people have written about women of any color on here.

Stop feeling so fucking special. You're not.

You're right Riker. There seems to be a lot of Hate going around lately.
 Quoting: Reece2076

I agree with Riker, Reece. There's plenty of bigotry to go around: Christians v. Muslims and Atheists, Man vs. Woman, Palin-bashers and Bush-haters.

There is a lot of bigotry everywhere, but what's different at GLP is that we have permission to speak openly about our ideas and feelings, which doesn't exist at many forums.

The important thing to avoid (in my opinion) is letting it get too personal, and certainly avoid blaming and threats and prolonged grudges against other members. People can express their prejudices and opinions without getting too personal and mean.

It's helpful to take a step back or a timeout, and get some distance if it becomes too personally upsetting.
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