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Theory: Never waste a good crisis/Obama/Gates/Police

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 731230
United States
07/24/2009 06:32 PM
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Theory: Never waste a good crisis/Obama/Gates/Police
Scene 1:

Obama is sweating at his News Conferences, trying to dodge merely luke-warm questions about the country destroying Bills he is trying to get passed. He is desperately looking for a diversion to take everyones eyes off the Bill.

Enter, stage left:

Professor Gates has just returned from China and is attempting to get in to his own house. He jimmies the back door. The Police are called to the scene. Gates, if he knows it or not, is creating the diversion, the "crisis". We don't know if Gates is deliberately cooperating with the diversion hopes of Obama but Gates could be, since he could have been paying close attention, on his Limo radio, to Obama's Press Conference. For now, let's just say that Gates is a loudmouth who just doesn't like Police. One can only imagine why he doesn't.

Scene 3:

Gates not only is belligerent to a cop who, must by law, investigate all code infractions, so he is doing his "job". After the cop arrives and tries to take control of the scene, because he has no clue who may have a gun, how many people are involved or where everyone is. After some preliminary looking around, he finally understands that Gates is the owner and then attempts to leave, with no charges filed or arrests made.

Scene 4:

Gates, for some unknown reason, follows the cop out of the house and makes a comment about "yo mama". At this point he has escalated the situation. On purpose? What if Gates knew that his equally, radical "liberal" President of the US needed a "crisis"? Gates just supplied it.

Scene 5:

What if Gates didn't do this for the sake of helping Obama. All would be cool. But now, from the other end of the crisis, Obama himself, makes a specific comment about the black/white situation. Obama himself is throwing the situation into the Press Conference. Why? Recall Immanuel's saying, "Never waste a good crisis".

Scene 6:

Now, Pres. Obama is inviting both parties to the White House for some tea and crumpets, making a little crisis into a big-deal-crisis. Why? Do you think Obama is milking this crisis for all the diversion he can get?

I'll bet you there's going to be some winking and nodding and secret handshaking with Gates, and lots of grinning too. I'll bet Obama will be glad-handing and telling the cop, "Job well done", not because the cop arrested Gates, but that he played his part in the big crisis that diverted attention from the attempt to pass the Bill.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 733955
United States
07/24/2009 08:27 PM
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Re: Theory: Never waste a good crisis/Obama/Gates/Police
Excellent analysis of a most dangerous man.
wm shakespeare
User ID: 730054
07/24/2009 08:46 PM
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Re: Theory: Never waste a good crisis/Obama/Gates/Police
You forgot:

Scene 2.5: Prof Gates knew he had to create a distraction to help President Obama. The nutty Professor ran to his secret lab and turned on his mind control machine, and aimed it at the house of his nosy neighbor, Mrs Kravitz. Turning the dial up to "CRAZY POWERFUL", he listened to the "Whoop Whoop Boing" noises of the machine as it locked in on Mrs Kravitz's brain siggernals.

Scene 2.75: Next door, Mrs Kravitz was drawn inexplicably to her electric telephone. "Why am I picking up the electric telephone?" she wondered. Then she found herself standing at the window watching two black men with backpacks break into her neighbor's home. She dialled 911 without even realizing what was going on.

Scene 2.99: Prof Gates and his driver left the secret lab, with the mind control laser pumping its ultra juice into Mrs Kravitz's head. They went downstairs and started jiggering the front door open while waving to Mrs Kravitz and holding up signs reading "WE'RE BURGLARS! CALL THE COPS!". Mrs Kravitz couldn't consciously see the signs because of the mind control laser frying that part of her brain. But somehow she still could read the signs and call the cops.

Scene 2.99999: Prof Gates cackled madly to himself as hundreds of cop cars turned up outside. "I knew that mind control laser in the secret lab would come in handy to help out my friend Super Obama in the White House!"