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Harvard Should demand that the Black Professor apologize to the police force..!

User ID: 731078
United Kingdom
07/26/2009 10:51 AM
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Harvard Should demand that the Black Professor apologize to the police force..!
The cop did not know a number of potential situations that may have been the reality of the situation in regards to the Black Professor that broke his way into his own home after forgetting his keys or otherwise.

A - The black professor may have benn under a court injunction by his wife after a divorce that had only occurred over the last two days, deeming that the black professors driving license and otherwise were still registered at the address.

B - the black professor may have been guilty and again under court injunction to stay away from the house for many different reasons and the inability of a guy in his position to ascertain that the police officer was doing his job and in the black professor refusing to answer the policemans questions, the cop had no alternative but to arrest the professor in order to ascertain that any eventuality such as the circumstances above were not endangering either himself or his wife or otherwise.

Harvard have to demand that the black professor makes a public apology to the police force or it must be deemed that the black professor himself has psychological problematics is unfit therefore to continue at this time in his role.