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Message Subject Barack Hussein Obama II was born in The Coast Provincial Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya at 7:24 p.m. on August 4, 1961.
Poster Handle Candace
Post Content
her advanced state of pregnacy made it impossible to board a flight back home to hawaii or america, for his birth ...Airline Regulations. no airline travel after 7 mo prego . no excuses either .

Wasn't the US funding abortions in foreign countries back then?

Too bad they missed one? LOL

I dont care if Barry is president, dont have anything against him. I would like to see proof of his BC though, not a cert saying it exists.

And this is coming from someone who doesnt hate him.
 Quoting: Memysabu

well, you should have something against the system that produced him. This country has long been off the constitution and all Presidents are chosen in advance by TPTB, and then games played to get the people to elect whom they want into office. This has been foolproof for a long time now. They just play difference factions off and all the rest until they get what they want. The people did NOT truly chose this president. They were fed lies plus that big game of tossing Sarah Palin into the mix to make sure, as McCain was picking up support.

The parties on the surface provide the candidates, but the game is played behind the scenes. This last election process was so long dragged out and awful, it defies imagnination, yet people were out there stomping and playing the game. Mind is still not that developed on this planet, and certainly not in the Us of A. People are no longer encouraged to actually think.

And if you bible thumpers COULD actually think, likely you would put the stupid thing DOWN and take up some real ACTION that might get labeled Godly.
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