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Government scientist discusses UFO vortex exits

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United Kingdom
08/02/2009 09:15 AM
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Government scientist discusses UFO vortex exits
Government scientist discusses UFO vortex exits

Michael Cohen

Elmira Samedova is a scientist working at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences where she specialises in anomalous phenomena.

She recently did an interview with Azerbaijan Daily newspaper where she discussed the UFO vortex or stargate exits that All News Web has been extensively talking about. ( It should be noted that Ms. Samedova is not one of our sources.)

She alleges that only one such exit exists near earth but as our planet rotates UFOs can be seen exiting this stargate or vortex from different countries at different times. She somewhat confirms the notion within the interview that world governments are observing UFOs exiting this stargate.

According to Ms Samedova many of these UFOs are merely en route to elsewhere in the Galaxy. These stargates are points in the universe where space bends or a tear in the space-time fabric is located.

To read the full interview click here
[link to www.allnewsweb.com]