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Message Subject *** WITHIN DAYS ***:1. VACCINATION begins; 2. Obama blows himself up; 3. Clinton becomes 44th President: 4. Ethnic civil war launched 5. Nuclear Arma
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now why was McCain picked up?

Last Prophet, the one and only to have explained it.
Long before November 4, whenthe illuminati formally switched from A-plan (McCain used to reduce riots after "Obama" would blow himself up) to B-plan (Obama detonation used to trigger ethnic civil war), now.
[link to www.google.com]

*** HORRIBLE TRUTH *** about Panama Canal Zone John McCain and fake vice-president Biden alias Bi-nla-den

McCain detonation designed to prepare "Obama" detonation
Why did John McCain get the fake candidate in the loser role in the cast for the very last US "elections"?
Google immediately answers this question (1). In fact the only line displayed by Google is the exact answer. It reads: "because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, i.e. not a natural born citizen, since the Obamessiah will ...". (1)
McCain 's role was supposed to end BEFORE voting machines would be forced to prolong that role as "real" candidate in the loser role, while multiplying his votes by 12 (from less than 5 million to 59 million).

"Coincidences" picking up McCain and Biden's roles go beyond both being ideal for staging "Obama" detonation
Biden's secondary role was supposed to end BEFORE he would actually begin playing the role of fake vice-president, following the suicide bomber detonation that was supposed to occur immediately after McCain's detonation. (2)
Why did Biden get the fake vice-presidential candidate in the loser role.in the cast for the very last US "elections"?
The information about why McCain got his role is enough to let anyone not totally brainwashed immediately answer it.
Since you are totally brainwashed, a hint about another "coincidence": as for McCain, the reason is one of the two basic fields of an identity document.

(1) The title of that page is "End of The USA - Horrible Facts revealed first by Prophet ..."

Last Prophet, the one and only to have explained it
[link to www.google.com]
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