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Message Subject *** WITHIN DAYS ***:1. VACCINATION begins; 2. Obama blows himself up; 3. Clinton becomes 44th President: 4. Ethnic civil war launched 5. Nuclear Arma
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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reflections of a ...

My daughter is a straight A student.She is the only elementary student in the High school band and does very well in school.So this year I decided not to attend the parent teacher conference.I knew she was doing well,I'd skip it.I got a message from the school saying my daughters report card would not be sent home unless I came in to see the teacher.I didn't know they could do that so I called the school and left a message.I couldn't get a hold of anyone. The teacher then called my house four more times telling me I had to come in to see her.I thought this was strange because my kid is not a problem.Then some more phone tag and then I was told a time to be at the school.I went in wondering what the problem could be.The teacher started out by telling me my daughter was never a problem and had the highest grades in the class.Nothing but praise! I told the lady I was very proud of my daughter but what is the problem that she has been hounding me to come in for. She then pulls out a paper and says they do not have a record of vaccinations for my daughter. That she will not be able to attend school next year if they do not have the dates of her vaccines. That no students would be allowed in school without vaccinations. I took the paper and left. My daughter has all of her shots the school just does not have the records.I'm trying to figure out how they can make you vaccinate your children! Shouldn't that be a family decision?
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